StretchMagic™ / Stretch Magic

StretchMagic™ / Stretch Magic
.5mm Clear StretchMagic™ / Stretch Magic 10m spool
Product ID : RCRB5-CLR
1mm Sparkle StretchMagic™ 5m spool
Product ID : RCRSP1
.5mm Clear StretchMagic™ / Stretch Magic 25m spool
Product ID : RCR5-CLR25
Stretch Magic Elastic
Stretch Magic is an incredibly elastic stringing cord that is easy to use. We carry it in three different diameters. The 0.5mm is the thinnest elastic, the 0.7mm is the medium sized elastic, and the 1mm is the thickest elastic. When creating your design, you first need to analyze the size of the holes of your beads, and the weight of your beads. The larger the hole, and the heavier the bead, the more you want to lean toward the thicker Stretch Magic elastic. The only caveat is that the 1mm diameter in the 100 meter spools can tend to have an irregular diameter due to the spooling process.