Environmental Commitment

You know what, we appreciate you and we appreciate our environment!

To keep our Earth looking beautiful we try to continuously increase our commitment to bettering our business choices.

For example:

We recycle 100% of the cardboard that comes into our warehouse. Either by using it for repackaging, or recycling the raw material.

We recycle almost all of our paper (except for documents with sensitive information which gets shredded) by using it as scratch paper, stuffing for orders, or sending the paper to the recycling center.

We also have a center for employees to recycle all of their aluminum, plastics, magazines, and newspapers.

We realize that there is always more that we can do to take responsibility for our impact on this Earth. And, we are happy to take steps every day in the right direction.

Closing B Toucan Inc

We have chosen to close our company. All of our remaining inventory is discounted by 50%. Thank you all for your business.