Memory Wire

Memory Wire
1.75" Bracelet Memory Wire Multi-Tone Gold Stainless Steel 1-ounce 84 loops
Memory Wire - Bracelet Memory Wire
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE...Ring Memory Wire 3/4 inch 1 ounce
Memory Wire - Ring Memory Wire
Necklace Memory Wire Multi-Toned Gold. Bulk 10oz
Memory Wire - Necklace Memory Wire
Memory Wire is Magnificent....

Memory wire is available in 1.75" bracelet memory wire (for small wrists or big beads), 2" bracelet memory wire (slightly smaller than the standard size, great for earrings, craft projects and small adult wrists), 2.25" bracelet memory wire (for standard adult wrists), and the standard 3 5/8" necklace memory wire. All memory wire is amazingly easy to use. It's perfect for a craft day with children. You probably have everything you need at home to make a beautiful bracelet or necklace. The most simple way to finish off memory wire is to use a round nose plier and peel back the end into a loop. You can cover the loop with a crimp cover if you prefer, or just leave it exposed.

Our memory wire is .025" which, unfortunately is too thick for small holed fresh water pearls (just to give you an idea of the diameter). However, memory wire is fantastic with large beads. In fact, if your memory wire loop is too small for you likings, just add long beads and they will stretch the loop out.