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Jewelry Findings
On Sale PLUS Buy One Get One FREE..Clamshell Bead Tips. 144 pieces
Product ID : FCS-144
BUY ONE GET ONE...2.5mm Round Crimps 1000 pc CreativeS
Product ID : FCRS2.5
BUY-ONE-GET-ONE...1.8mm Tube Crimp Beads CreativeS 1050 pc
Product ID : FCRT1.8
BUY-ONE-GET-ONE...2mm Tube Crimp CreativeS
Product ID : FCRT2
Buy One Get One FREE...12mm Small Lobster Clasps 72pc
Product ID : FSCL4-72
BUY ONE GET ONE FREE....8mm CreativeS
Product ID : FJR8
Buy-One-Get-One 6mm CreativeS Split Rings 1000pc
Product ID : FSR6-1000
Split Rings are just like miniature key rings. Very secure, won't open unless...
Buy One Get One FREE...14mm Medium Lobster Clasps 72pc
Product ID : FSCL5-72
BUY ONE GET ONE...1mm ID Crimp Bead Gold Plate. 500pc
Product ID : FCR1-GP500
Petite Round Crimp Beads 1000pc .5mm
Product ID : FCR5-1000
BUY-ONE-GET-ONE...12mm Small Lobster Clasps 144pc
Product ID : FSCL4-144
Wholesale Jewelry Findings are Fun...

But sometimes the choices can become overwhelming. If you're in the market for clasps, the most popular type is the lobster clasp. It's easy to find and easy to use. There are several sizes, that appeal for both design and ease. Of course, the larger you go in size, the easier it is to put on a necklace or bracelet singlehandedly. Now, an all time fall back is the barrel clasp. You take the two ends and screw them together for a nice tight fit. Now, if you're looking for sleek lines, and aren't overly concerned about security, perhaps the hook and eye clasp is the clasp for you. It's sophisticated in its simplicity.

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