Griffin Silk

Griffin Silk Bead Cord
Griffin Silk Bead Cord
0 (.30mm) Thinnest Griffin Silk Bead Cord
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Griffin Silk Bead Cord
Griffin Silk is Spectacular

Traditional bead stringing is done with 100% silk. Griffin silk, an industry favorite, is fantastic for a lot of reasons. Each card has 2 meters of silk spun with a beading needle attached at one end. The wonderful thing about the spun needle is that it ends up allowing for thinner stringing needs. Since you don't have to thread the silk through a needle, you end up with half the diameter, which sure helps when you're using beads with small holes. A few things to remember when you're using silk cord:

Griffin Silk will stretch - you may want to weight your silk and hang it to remove as much stretch as possible.

Griffin Silk will fray - since silk is a natural product and is unwaxed, it will eventually fray and you will need to re-string in approximately 3-5 years (depending on use).

Griffin Silk is beautiful - silk is made to be exposed. It is the number one choice for stringing pearls since it is soft and unobtrusive to the delicate pearls, and the exposed knots are appealing in their own right.

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