Greek Leather Cord

Greek Leather Cord
Greek Leather Cord 2mm 50 meters
Product ID : LC2
Leather Cord is Lovely...

Greek Leather cord is the highest quality leather cord on Earth. Our Greek Leather cord, imported directly from Greece, is strong, smooth, and color-fast. Greek leather cord is made from cowhide. It is dyed (except for the natural) and extruded with heat and pressure for uniformity, flexibility and colorfastness.

If you want the best leather, you want Greek Leather. However, if you want the look of leather without the price tag, perhaps synthetic (cow friendly) P'Leather cord is the choice for you.

P'Leather cord is manufactured from specially blended polymers to look and feel just like real leather cord. Because of the special polymer blend, P'leather is much stronger, uniformly shaped, and much less expensive than real leather cord.