Waxed Cotton Cord & Polished Cotton Cord

Cotton Cord 1mm
1mm Waxed Cotton Cord 30 Yards
Product ID : RWC1-30
1mm Colored Waxed Cotton Cord 144yd spool
Product ID : RWC1-144
1mm RED Waxed Cotton Cord 288yd spool
Product ID : RWC1-288
Cotton Cord

Cotton cord is our most popular cord for many reasons. It's soft, flexible, and strong against the elements. The only thing you need to decide is whether you prefer waxed cotton cord, or lightly polished (thin waxed) cotton cord. Wax on cord helps keep it stiff so that you can easily string beads. It also helps protect the cord against fraying and overall deterioration. However, wax on cord also darkens the dye on the cord. The wax will eventually wear off though, after a long period of use. All of our cords have been sealed after the dyeing process to prevent the transfer of dye from the cord to your skin or clothing.